Axial Fan

We Can Offer Axial Fans To Suit Your Pressure And Flow Rate Requirements

SIB Vietnam is the trusted partner for all your air and gas handling requirements.

  • Our vast range of fans come in a range of different sizes, materials and blade types to match the requirements of your application. This range has been expanded via acquisition and continous improvement for over 100 years. We strive to provide technology of the highest quality to give you confidence in your assets over their operational lifetime.
  • Our Axial Fans continue to be innovated with the additon of new technologies, extending their lifespans further with preventive maintenance and perfromance monitoring, via our Digital Solution Uptime.
Why Choose Our Axial Fans?
  • Global Presence, Local Service In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.
  • Commitment To Cost Reduction We understand a key challenge that you face is increasing costs. That’s why we’re dedicated to increasing your efficiencies and lowering your operating costs.
  • 160 Years Experience For over 160 years Howden has been engineering and manufacturing reliable axial fans for any application, whatever the size or pressures.
  • Widest Possible Range Howden make some of the biggest and most powerful axial fans in the world, but whatever size you need we have the fan to match.
  • Product Support We believe in our products, and in their capacity to provide long term, high value service. We are committed to maintaining and where possible enhancing their performance and extending their working life.
  • Centrifugal Fan From Our Extensive Range Of Centrifugal Fans, We Can Supply Designs To Satisfy The Demands Of A Vast Spectrum Of Applications Where An Industrial Fan Is Required To Create A Flow Of Air Or Gas. If there is a set of fan requirements for a particular application, it is likely that somewhere within Howden’s range of fans there will a product design that can be used or adapted for the process. If no pre-existing design is suitable we have the knowledge, experience and ability to design a new product solution to meet the requirements. Product Brands Aerofoil Suitable for high flow rates from medium to low pressures, the aerofoil centrifugal fans operate all air and gas flows containing moderate amounts of erosive particles. Fans
  • Alphair Cyclone Series Jetstream Axial Mine Fans (AMF Series) are heavy-duty axial fans designed specifically for main mine ventilation These robust adjustable-pitch fans have been designed to deliver up to 1 million CFM against 14 inches total pressure. Ranging in sizes from 76 1/2″ to 148″, this fan line delivers high efficiency and reliable service. Fans
  • American Fans The Howden American Fan Company range of Centrifugal Fans consists of fans for general air movement, emergency smoke extraction, and in the United Kingdom, ATEX explosive atmospheres. One Piece Outlet Flanges with mounting holes and continuously welded are standard. They are designed with Eccentric or Spring Lock Bearings for Positive Bearing to Shaft Locking. Fans
  • Centripal® EU The Centripal® EU has various impeller options, plus direct and belt drive versions. The product is available in both fully welded and bolted construction and is suitable for clean and dusty air applications, up to 350 °C continuous as a standard feature. Fans
  • CFi The CFI range has evolved from the proven designs of Centripal, Mistral and Fougal ranges taking into consideration product efficiency and the latest manufacturing techniques. Fans
  • Cooling Fan We offer a variety of blade designs to ensure maximum efficiency and/or low noise performance for your application: The D-series has been developed and proven to be the best combination of performance, reliability and price for operation in air-cooled condensers and cooling towers. It’s available in diameters between 26 ft and 38 ft, three blade profiles (DNF, DLF and DVF) and up to 11 blades. The E-series is the choice for heavy duty situations in vertical or horizontal mounting configurations for a wide range of applications. It’s available in diameters between 4 ft and 50ft, three blade profiles (ENF, ELF and ELFA) and up to 10 blades. The SX series is the preferred solution for applications with stringent noise requirements and capable of reducing noise by up to 20 dB(A) compared with standard cooling fans. It’s available in diameters between 4 ft and 36ft, two blade profiles (SX and SXT) and up to 8 blades. The FPX series uses fixed-pitch blades, manufactured as a single impeller unit that offers very easy assembly and minimal maintenance, combined with ultra-low noise design. It’s available in diameters between 28 inch and 108 inch. Quạt công nghiệp
  • Announcing The SXT Blade - The Next Generation Of Ultra-Low Noise Fans. The new SXT blade profile is our ultra-low noise solution that extends our SX series of cooling fans. Ideal for cooling towers and air cooled heat exchangers the new design is both quiet and efficient. You can find out more about this exciting development from a number of different sources:
    • Live webinars with our product experts
    • Our updated cooling fans brochure
    • Infographics
    • Virtual reality tour
    • And a reference list