Science And Technology
Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology is the first and also the core area for SIB Vietnam to orient its R&D activities. The Electronic Technology segment is responsible for researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying Electronic and Automation equipment and systems with high technical and high technology on the basis of selective acquisition. filter the world’s modern science and technology achievements into Vietnamese conditions and the results of scientific research and technology development of SIB Vietnam.

SIB Vietnam’s current activities in the field of Electronic Technology:
– Radio measuring, positioning and monitoring equipment;
– Equipment for data transmission at high speed, large distance (OFDM, MIMO …);
– Intelligent terminals, specialized equipment to support judicial activities (Lawful);
– Design modules, circuit boards, integrated circuits (IC) based on ASIC, FPGA technology … as required, and at the same time directly serve the manufacture of hardware for electronic products of the Institute;
– Repairing, evaluating high-tech equipment, circuit boards.
– Research, design, manufacture and supply automation systems; equipment and systems of automatic control equipment on the basis of digital, technical VDK, PLC for the automation of production processes in industries, agriculture and environmental protection;
– Consulting on setting up and appraising investment projects in the field of Electronics, Automation; perform maintenance, maintenance, ensure the effective operation and exploitation of Electronic and Automation equipment and systems.

Information Technology

Information technology is an important research direction of SIB Vietnam. Currently, SIB Vietnam provides solutions to deploy information technology systems, data security and safety solutions, application software products and administration software according to customer requirements. We are committed to providing customers with perfect products, services and solutions, and customers’ success and trust are the driving force for SIB Vietnam to aim and develop.

Material Technology

Material Technology is a strategic direction for the R&D activities of SIB Vietnam. The original goal was that the Material Technology segment could meet the needs of industrial production, supporting industries and business products applying new material technology.

Specifically, the first stage orientation in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Technology will perform the following activities:
– Research and manufacture of mechanical products.
– Research and development of clean energy materials:
   + Energy-saving products and materials;
   + Solutions, natural energy products: solar, wind, water…
– Research and development of specialized materials, materials for the production of electronic components, optical components, optoelectronic and photonics…

  • Reconnaissance and surveillance of sea and island targets, prevention of smuggling and drug use, and border protection
  • Topographic survey, protection of forest resources, marine and terrestrial environment
  • Supervision and inspection of high voltage power lines and oil pipelines
  • Collect data for topographic and regional mapping
  • As a target for training, practice and drills units