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Solving The Toughest Engineering Challenges

We have unrivalled experience in the provision of innovative rotating equipment for processes and applications in industries all around the world. Our specialists will consider your requirements including volume, pressure, gas type, size constraints, and many other variables to guide you to the right solution for your application.


Our Configured Centrifugal Fans are ideal for lower volume requirements, while our Engineered Centrifugal Fans and Axial Fans are core in many heavy industries. Our Cooling Fans are the quietest options you can buy.


Rotating Heat Exchanger technology is core in many heavy industries like Power Generation. It also proves value in other industries as a way to limit harmful emissions. We offer a wide range of element profiles to suit any situation.



We offer a complete range of compressors, both oil free and oil-injected Screw Compressor technology, Reciprocating and Diaphragm Compressors to cope with the highest pressures, high-efficiency Centrifugal Compressors.


For the blower market we own the world’s most recognisable brands. HV-TurboTM and TurblexTM are world-leading Turbo Blowers for environmental markets, Howden’s range of SG blowers offer high-efficiency solutions, and for Rotary Blowers, RootsTM is the most trusted name in the world. For high volume requirements we provide Turbo Fans.

Steam Turbines

We provide Steam Turbine solutions for all customer demands – from the simple CORE for packagers, up to extensively customised/engineered systems within the range up to 24 MW. The most economical and flexible turbines that you can get.